Germany – Land of Ideas has honoured us with their “Beyond Crisis” award for our Spoon Rooms. The certificate bears the beautiful subtitle “When others only saw crisis, you showed innovative spirit and developed solutions for the future.

We are very happy about this recognition and about the fact that the Spoon Rooms are becoming more and more popular. We developed the idea during the worldwide lockdown in April 2020 together with our wonderful colleagues at Camerados UK.

In times of physical distance we create social proximity in the digital space of our Spoon Rooms

Spoon Rooms are an easily replicable and free videoconferencing format that allows everyone to engage in deep dialogues between strangers, neighbours and friends. – Not only during a pandemic many people sit alone at home with their fears and worries, their overwhelm and boredom. With the Spoon Rooms we bring people out of isolation, into a virtual space where there is room to share joy and pain and to experience humanity.

The Spoon Rooms are currently being carried out in five countries (UK, Germany, Portugal, USA, New Zealand) and the trend is increasing. The format is suitable both for small groups of people who know each other and cannot currently meet live, as well as for large groups with participants from all over the world.

As Spoon Rooms are held online, they are also easily accessible for people with disabilities or people who are not mobile. Furthermore, for many participants, Spoon Rooms have become an anchor for their mental health. So the concept can be used and expanded even after the crisis!

Be part of it and join one of the regular Spoon Rooms as well as initiate your own!

Find all information about the Spoon Rooms here.