Our response to uncertain times, in cooporation with Camarados UK:

Spoon Rooms

Meet online to connect and have fun

A Spoon Room is a video conference where you meet with others. It’s a place to be together, where you have permission to be rubbish, nobody fixes anyone, but where we can look out for each other, get through tough times and maybe find new inspiration.

Find out about Spoon Rooms
from Maff (Camerados) and Nadja (Conscious U):

Take part in our weekly Spoon Rooms


Every week we host a Spoon Room in German and – together with Camerados UK – a Spoon Room in English.

Take part to experience a Spoon Room as a participant and learn how to set up your own Spoon Room for your friends & family, your team, your neighbours and any other community.

Spoon Room

in German language

is on summer break

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Spoon Room

in English language

every Saturday
from 12:00 – 13:15 German time (CET)

Everyone is welcome to join!

Spoon Room

in English language

every Wednesday
at 7pm London time (BST)

Everyone is welcome to join!

Set up your own Spoon Room


Learn how to run a Spoon Room

The Roots and Wings Exercise

Feel free to use this exercise at the start of your Spoon Room (find more information about when to do the exercise in the “How to Spoon Room” PDF).

Spoon Rooms receives “Beyond Crisis” award!



We’re very proud to have received the “Beyond Crisis” award from ‘Germany – Land of Ideas’ for the Spoon Room format – “When others only saw crisis, you showed innovative spirit and developed solutions for the future”.

Thank you for this! – We love the simplicity of the Spoon Rooms and that they can make a real difference in people’s lives. We hope that many more people continue to join our Spoon Rooms and create their own.



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