The CU*i Online Programme for Culture Transformation


CU*i is a blended-learning programme that combines online learning and live human interaction and can be scaled across entire organisations.

What if you could create an organisation…

… that attracts and retains high-performing talent?

… in which millennials and other employees co-create solutions with respect and appreciation for one another?

… in which leaders and employees alike promote a mindset of ownership – for themselves and the big picture?

… in which every employee is trained at the same depth yet cost-effectively – instead of only training leaders and top talents?

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast.’

Peter Drucker

Re-invent your organisation’s culture

CU*i supports you in building a thriving organisation that people are excited to work for, do business with and buy from.

Our Approach

CU*i supports microlearning:  small tasks in your own time, on any device.

Online engagement

Our online platform:

  • hosts content in the form of videos, audios and scripts guiding self-reflection and dialogue
  • allows participants to login at any time and study when it is most convenient for them
  • increases accountability, positive competition and communication

Live interaction

CU*i promotes deep dialogue between team members to make insights matter:

  • weekly buddy conversations
  • regular team reflections
  • regular group video conferences with a CU*i-coach

The CU*i programme explained:

If you want to find out how CU*i can support your organisation, please contact us for a demo of the CU*i programme.

Four steps to transform your organisation

The CU*i-programme is based on four steps that promote individual and collective development leading to fast and sustainable changes:

1. Do inner work
CU_4steps_1_inner work

Develop four essential meta-competencies:

  • self-reflection
  • self-compassion
  • ownership
  • ability to engage in deep dialogue
2. See the big picture

Gain a systemic understanding of all elements and interfaces within your organisation.

3. Engage in reflective action
step 3 reflective action

Increase your ability to be pro-active in the moment while simultaneously maintaining a meta-perspective.

4. Apply conscious rituals
step 4 conscious rituals

Create sustainable change for your self and your team by establishing the right rituals.

Why we are uniquely qualified to support you

CU*i is scalable

  • Engage your entire organisation: virtually simultaneously from 150 to 15,000 employees
  • Cost effective: include everyone at every level
  • Democratise access to high quality coaching content: stop investing in top leaders only, start investing in everyone
  • One consistent message: align all levels of your organisation
  • Gather and maintain momentum: involve more people for longer

Our content sticks

  • Make learning fun through thought-provoking and entertaining content
  • Create a shared language and deeply embed new mindsets and behaviours
  • Deep conversations become easy through our detailed worksheets for self-reflection, buddy conversations and team reflections
  • Cross-pollination between departments and timely coaching-support and through bi-weekly video-conferences with a CU*i coach
  • Transfer insights to behaviour by establishing new rituals.

We are experts

  • 25 years of combined experience designing and delivering personal development programmes
  • A team of psychologists and designers that delivers culture change programmes across the globe
  • Cutting edge insights from research in psychology and neuroscience explained in simple terms
  • State of the art adult learning methodologies.

So, what does CU*i look like?

Would you like to experience CU*i first-hand?
Get in touch with us to participate in a full demo-module.

What participants say about CU*i

There is now a sense of WE that we never had in the organisation.

Today, I courageously address conflict while being more open to listening to others.

Our team became a safe space.

The buddy conversations enabled us to have radically different dialogue from the ones that normally happen in the organisation. I now trust my team.

My good intentions turned into actions. I am much more proactive than I used to be.

We now feel responsible for each other – because we care about one another as a person.

I am much more willing  to engage with colleagues that I once labelled difficult because I now understand better what drives them.

CU*i introduced me to important self-care rituals, which increased my wellbeing.

We are less afraid of looking silly or feeling vulnerable – which has resulted in more creative and interesting solutions.

* For data protection reasons we cannot divulge the names of our CU*i-participants. Do contact us to find out more about the change created in our clients’ organisations by the CU*i programme.

What we do, believe in and value

We support the creation of conscious, self-organising and regenerative communities (families, teams, companies, and ultimately nations).

We believe to be conscious means to be reflective, sincere and congruent in mind and body. If we are conscious we are able to handle complexity and change within ourselves, others, our organisations and the world at large. We believe the world needs more conscious individuals and collectives that can navigate a complex world while acting in a peaceful and regenerative manner. We believe that communities, such as organisations, are the most powerful levers to increasing global consciousness and unleash humanities collective potential – which is why we are passionate about supporting people in organisations to become more conscious.

We achieve this through our three core values:

Look inside

Self-awareness fosters personal accountability and therefore is the key to just about everything that is good in life: deep and joyful connection with self and others, contentment and success (whatever that may mean to you). First know thyself.

Connect deeply

Deep and conscious relationships with self and others are the glue that keeps this world together. We care for ourselves, our relationships and our own communities through engaging in deep, loving, open and regular dialogue that cultivates trust and co-creativity.

Keep learning

We see the joy, power and value that lies in life-long-learning and development. We continuously invest in developing our behaviours, skills and body/health, our mindset and psychological health, our culture and communication, and our processes and systems.

‘To be conscious means to be reflective, sincere and congruent in mind and body.’

Who we are

Nadjeschda Taranczewski

– CEO –

  • Master of Psychology
  • One of the first Master Certified Coaches in Germany
  • Past president of the International Coach Federation Germany
  • Member of the McK & Company global delivery team for culture change programmes
  • Design & delivery of team development culture change programmes for pharma, petrochemical, banking and consulting internationally
  • Nadjeschda is in demand as an executive coach for global leadership teams on all five continents.
  • Follow Nadjeschda on Medium and LinkedIn.

Olga Taranczewski

– Managing Director –

  • Business maverick and C21st renaissance thinker
  • Pioneering thought leadership on the interface between culture, communications and technology
  • Entrepreneur, technology architect, project management expert
  • Joining the dots between different fields of study from astrophysics to politics, film to organic spices
  • As Managing Director of CU* Olga ensures our work is cutting edge and brilliant.

Michele Gauler

– Creative Director –

  • Master of Psychology
  • MA from the Royal College of Art in design interaction
  • User experience designer for IBM
  • Exhibited her designs at the MoMa in New York and Art Basel and received the Designer of the Future Award by Design Miami.
  • Clients include Porsche, Audi and Novartis.
  • Design & delivery of design driven strategy workshops
  • Michele is masterful at developing simple visual maps for complex challenges and processes.
  • Follow Michele on Instagram.

Read more about the CU*i approach in Nadjeschda’s book:


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