Transform the culture of your organisation through scalable personal development programmes.

Transform your culture sustainably and cost-efficiently from the inside out by engaging everyone in your organisation.

Our blended-learning programmes are:



Connect Deeply



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Inner Work

Our programmes create the soil for an agile, deliberately developmental organisation by guiding you and your employees through a profound process of self-reflection, discovery and solution oriented dialogue with peers. Along the way, you deepen your compassion for self and others, assume ownership and create meaningful connections with colleagues across the organisation. – All in all the inner work that makes new work possible.

Personal development programmes with a guaranteed impact.

Our holistic, blended-learning approach enables playful habit-building and is rooted in behavioural science and psychology. We consolidate intellect with compassion and self-reflection with interaction, thus empowering individuals to create collective transformation.

Scalable. Inclusive. Sustainable.

Our Programmes

Personal development programmes individual and organisational transformation.

increasing employee engagement in your organisation

Create the soil for an agile, deliberately developmental organisation with CU*i.

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Understand your relationship with money to re-invent your life and business with CU*money.

The benefits from participating in CU*money

Our Pricing Model

For Organisations

Engage each and every employee of your organisation for as low as 350,- EUR + VAT per person (depending on the number of people in your organisation).

For Individuals

We apply a sliding scale for our courses for individuals where you define your contribution.

Customer Testimonials

(Note, that for data protection reasons we cannot divulge the names of our CU*i-participants. Do contact us to find out more about the change created in our clients’ organisations by the CU*i programme.)

There is now a sense of WE that we never had in the organisation.

Today, I courageously address conflict while being more open to listening to others.

Our team became a safe space.

The buddy conversations enabled us to have radically different dialogue from the ones that normally happen in the organisation. I now trust my team.

My good intentions turned into actions. I am much more proactive than I used to be.

We now feel responsible for each other – because we care about one another as a person.

I am much more willing  to engage with colleagues that I once labelled difficult because I now understand better what drives them.

CU*i introduced me to important self-care rituals, which increased my wellbeing.

We are less afraid of looking silly or feeling vulnerable – which has resulted in more creative and interesting solutions.

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Uncover everything that’s preventing you from being you

Joshua Haynes, founder of the Masawa Impact Investment fund

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