do what you love – with and without money

CU*money the self-development programme that changes everything

The personal development programme that allows you to do what you love, with and without money through self-reflection and social interaction.

Understand your relationship with money to re-invent your life and business with CU*money

The next CU*money programme starts in spring 2024.

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Everything is influenced by money

Self-esteem, relationships, intimacy, purpose, individual and collective prosperity; everything is influenced by our relationship with money.

Globally, the shortcomings of our current economic and social systems are becoming increasingly apparent. If we seek to re-invent our operating systems and build a better future that simultaneously considers planet and people and that aims to create prosperity for all, we need to first uncover the beliefs and behaviours that keep us chained to an unsustainable way of life.

A central and rarely addressed element of this exploration is our relationship with money.

Have you ever…

… been worried about how to pay your rent?
… been worried about how to secure your assets for an uncertain future?
… felt like you don’t deserve the money you have or will inherit?

Why participate in CU*money?

Why should you participate in CU*money?

Becoming money conscious is the key to change in every area of (your) life.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you experience recurring conflicts about money in personal and professional relationships?
  • Is your self-worth linked to the remuneration received from others?
  • Do you suffer from a constant sense of lack or do you fear for your existence?
  • Do you feel disempowered and ineffective?
  • Are you stuck doing something you don’t want to do?
  • Are you restless or anxious with regard to asset management?

These are some of the ways in which an unconscious relationship with money leads to unintended consequences.

CU*money explores this taboo and often conflict-laden topic with honesty and humour. Learning to magically ‘make’ more money is a possible, but not an inevitable consequence of CU*money. CU*money is a process of deep consciousness work. The aim of this process is to give you greater freedom in dealing with money and to enable you to act with ease and responsibility.

Only when you understand the psychological value you attach to money will you be able to handle money freely and unencumbered.

You might already be on a personal development path and aware that money is a cultural construct. But even when this is understood, money continues to determine much of your private and professional everyday life as well as your personal relationships.

My beliefs around money are holding me back
What you will experience in the CU*money programme

Here’s what you will experience in the CU*money programme

CU*money is a blended learning programme that guides you to learn and talk about money and become conscious of and competent in your relationship with money.

Using money as a mirror, you will

  • uncover your fears and reactive patterns,
  • discover compassion for the parts of your personality you tried to hide or suppress,
  • assume ownership for your needs and wants and
  • connect with others in open, vulnerable and solution-oriented dialogue.

We will dig deep into what keeps you individually and us collectively trapped in old paradigms and build the competencies needed to envision and co-create a prosperous future. By strengthening your ability to deploy candour and kindness when dealing with yourself and others, you will unleash your full potential for the benefit of all

The benefits from participating in CU*money

And these are the benefits you will reap from participating in CU*money

  • Gain a better understanding of the psychology of money
  • Uncover your beliefs and their roots in your family history
  • Face the money reality that you have (unconsciously) created
  • Dissolve the influence of old patterns on your handling of money
  • Strengthen your personal ability to deal with financial situations in an agile and relaxed way
  • Let go of shame, guilt and conflicts connected to money
  • Name your potential and the value of your work without undervaluing yourself or feeling shame
  • Set new (financial) goals and formulate concrete measures
  • Increase your freedom of action when talking about money, negotiating fees, or investing money;
  • Design a vision of a prosperous life in which you do what you want
  • Increase your capacity to create impact in the world

Have you ever…

… been jealous of what someone else earns or owns?
… hidden from your spouse or partner exactly how much you earn or own?
… been ashamed of having or not having money?

Who CU*money is for

Who CU*money is for

CU*money is a personal and deep journey, suited for those ready to play a bigger game in the world:

  • Founders and CEOs who want to create a conscious business
  • Investors who want to create meaningful impact
  • Activists who want to increase their influence and reach
  • Coaches who want to support their clients in the most powerful way
  • Visionaries who want to co-create a sustainable and prosperous future for people and planet
  • Anyone who is ready to change their money story once and for all
The philosophy behind CU*money

The philosophy behind CU*money

The “moneywork” process underlying CU*money is my invention or discovery. But am in awe and admiration at Nadja’s brilliance in converting this sensitive process into digital form, adding her own essential touches and masterfully creating a profound experience for those seeking to expand their relationship with money and ultimately, their relationship with themselves.

I’m not planning to die shortly, but in a sense the work is done, I already know that because CU*money is in the world, I can “die in peace”!

Peter Koenig

CU*money is based on more than 30 years of research by Peter Koenig (peterkoenigsystem®) and it is the only online programme utilising his original writings. (Find out more about Peter further down when you get to know your CU*money coaches)

At the core of CU*money lies the observation that our relationship to money is an expression of our relationship to ourselves. Money work is deeply spiritual work that connects us to our essence. Everything that we want to be and everything that we don’t want to be is mirrored in our current money reality and some of the least obvious parts of ourselves are revealed in our relationship with money.

To name these unconscious parts accurately and to integrate them back into our identity makes us more whole and frees us to do what we want in life. This newfound freedom will show itself in our relationship with money, with our work, with our clients and in our definition of prosperity. The insights resulting from moneywork are often astonishing, sometimes funny and always of great emotional depth.

Have you ever…

… earned as much as you wanted, only to find that it wasn’t enough after all?
… been part of a project that was great until money was an issue?
… longed to do something else but didn’t because of financial concerns?

CU*money testimonials

What our participants say about CU*money

Who should join CU*money?

Anyone Who Feels Uncomfortable Around The Topic Of Money

Flavia Deuchler, founder of Ora Collective

If You Have Any Kind Of Emotional Reactions Around Money

Mike Romig, co-founder of Purpose+Motion

Why did you decide to participate in CU*money?

To help our investees be better humans and to gain an understanding of us as humans inside the fund

Joshua Haynes, founder of the Masawa Impact Investment fund

How was your CU*money experience?

Talking About Money In A Group

Flavia Deuchler, founder of Ora Collective

Which insights have you gained from CU*money?

Reclaiming Parts Of Myself That I Have Projected Onto Money

Mike Romig, co-founder of Purpose+Motion

Money, food and the need to have an impact – an unexpeted result of this work

Joshua Haynes, founder of the Masawa Impact Investment fund

My approach to money and my blockages around money have become more clear

Joshua Haynes, founder of the Masawa Impact Investment fund

What has changed for you through CU*money?

The Flow Of Money In My Life Is Changing

Mike Romig, co-founder of Purpose+Motion

Talking more frankly about the psychology around investments

Joshua Haynes, founder of the Masawa Impact Investment fund

Becoming Playful Around Money

Mike Romig, co-founder of Purpose+Motion

How would you describe CU*money in one word or sentence?

CU*money Is Like A Punch In The Gut

Mike Romig, co-founder of Purpose+Motion

Uncover everything that’s preventing you from being you

Joshua Haynes, founder of the Masawa Impact Investment fund

The structure and content of the CU*money programme

The structure and content of CU*money

CU*money consists of 5 modules, delivered over 12 – 14 weeks.

The five CU*money modules

Module 1 – ‚About Money‘ in which we will explore the truth of money, 3 types of projections on money and what your relationship with money says about your identity.

Module 2 – ‚Old Money Story‘ will guide you to explore your personal and your family’s history with money.

Module 3 – ‚Money Reality‘ will ask you to look closely at the money reality you have created so far and thus lay the foundation for the future.

Module 4 – ‚Projections‘ will take you through a deep process of uncovering and reclaiming parts of your identity that you have projected onto money.

Module 5 – ‚New Money Story‘ introduces the ‚normal and the natural regime‘ when it comes to money and prosperity and will guide you to write your new money story.

Each module consists of:

  • Audios that introduce the core ideas
  • Self-reflection exercises that allow you apply the ideas to your life
  • The possibility to exchange insights, experiences and questions with other participants on the learning platform
  • An hour long conversation within your coaching pod
  • A 90 min group-coaching call with your coach focusing on integration and embodiment

Your time investment

Your total time investment is approximately 20 min per work day.

CU*money is a blended learning programme that combines self-directed online learning with social learning in small groups as well as the participating cohort.

Self-directed learning in the CU*money programme

Self-directed online learning

The content of CU*money is delivered via our Conscious U online platform where all participants of the programme meet in cohorts and which

  • encourages micro-learning by dissecting content into small tasks
  • enables you to engage with content in the form of audios and exercises guiding self-reflection and dialogue
  • allows you to access the programme at any time from any device and study when it is most convenient for you
  • increases accountability, positive competition and communication through gamification.
Social learning in the CU*money programme

Social learning

Through dialogue and experimentation with other participants you

  • generate insights,
  • shift mindsets and
  • trigger new behaviours.

You’ll create meaningful networks with other participants through:

  • Bi-weekly conversations in your coaching pod
  • Bi-weekly group video conferences with our qualified money coach

Transforming your relationship with money means transforming your relationship with yourself in a more fundamental way than you ever thought possible.

Meet your CU*money coaches

Agnes Otzelberger is an integrative transpersonal therapist working in private practice and organisational settings, and works with groups and individuals on their relationship to money using Peter Koenig’s transformative ‘Money Work’, which draws on Jungian ideas on shadow and the unconscious.

Agnes is specialised in working with change-makers who feel overwhelmed, burned out or stuck to support them in finding their resilience, power and wisdom, through group and 1:1 training and therapeutic work.

Coming from a background of ten+ years in the not-for-profit sector and international development, with a focus on climate change, gender and social inequality, she started ‘the Good Jungle’ to connect the world of beyond-profit organisations and working for the greater good with cutting edge insights and practices from the emerging meeting place between modern psychology & science and contemplative practice.

Nadjeschda Taranczewski is a psychologist and has been working as a freelance coach, speaker and author since 2001.

She is certified by the International Coaching Federation as a Master Certified Coach and McKinsey & Company licensed her as facilitator of transformation for organisational culture change processes. Her first book Conscious You: Become the Hero of Your Own Story was published in 2018.

Through her online coaching company Conscious U* Nadjeschda support organisations to transform themselves into Conscious Tribes; thriving collectives in which everyone invests in inner work, considers the big picture, nourishes deep relationships and cultivates conscious rituals. As a self-confessed training junkie, she regularly acquires innovative methods, which she incorporates into the development of new Conscious U* programmes. 

Her personal money process with Peter Koenig was an important building block in the success of her individual coaching practice, in which she helps entrepreneurs, CEOs and top executives to reinvent how they lead themselves, their team and their organisation. Nadjeschda views the money work process of CU*money as the fast track to inner development.

Meet Peter Koenig, the founder of moneywork

Peter Koenig

Peter Koenig has been developing tools and systems to accelerate consciousness and human development for leaders for 40 years.

He is an expert in Seminal Thinking, Behavioural Finance, and Organisational Architecture, and at the heart of his expertise is a series of deep insights on our relationship to money, the realisation of life purpose, organisation and succession. In the 1980s, Peter was a strategic consultant and coach who was among those to pioneer the first-generation vision, purpose, alignment, Open Space and organisation transformation processes.

His ‘moneywork’ emerged out of the realisation that the relation to money needs to be integrated into these processes in order for desired results to be achieved. Peter maintains that it is possible for organisations to transform, for values-based initiatives to take root, for spiritual movements to be really spiritual, for politics to be ethical, for contemporary global challenges to be competently handled – but only if leaders are willing to examine their relation to money head-on.

His moneywork examines the current structures, subliminal messages, misconceptions and our own internal relationship and conditioning around money and leads to increased self-knowledge and harmonisation of monetary and life goals, an ability to handle a wider range of financial situations with competence, fresh ways of approaching such topics as investment, the creation of money, insurance, pensions and an overarching view of money past, present and future.

A conversation about money with Peter Koenig

Listen to a conversation with Peter Koenig about money and his moneywork process.

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