Our Partners

Get to know our great partners. We cooperate with hand-picked colleagues and networks to support individuals, teams and organisations in cultural transformation and raising consciousness.

Camerados are people around the world who think the best way through tough times is to look out for each other. – Together with Camerados, we have developed Spoon Rooms, free video conferences where people can connect, have fun and look out for each other.

Freunde fürs Leben (friends for life) is a German non-profit organisation that has been educating teenagers and young adults about mental health, depression and suicide since 2001. Together with Freunde fürs Leben, we offer a free weekly Spoon Room in German language where people can meet, connect, have fun and look out for eachother.

Bettina Rollow New Work Needs Inner Work

Bettina Rollow is an executive and organizational coach and co-author of the book “New Work needs Inner Work“. Her focus is on helping teams and organisations develop the skills for the future of work. – Bettina, uses our CU*i programme as a scalable competence development for organisations that want to develop collectively and across hierarchical boundaries.