ConsciousU helps you to become a Conscious Tribe – an organisation that easily attracts and retains talent and engages employees, that partners love to do business with and that customers love to buy from.

Our scalable coaching programmes transform your culture through parallel personal and collective development, hereby creating an inclusive culture of belonging.

How does it Work?


Creating lasting engagement, connection, and trust across all levels of the organisation has never been easier.


Are you tired of the limited impact of expensive leadership and employee development programmes?

Our ground-breaking online coaching programmes are affordable and effortlessly scalable; participants can join online from anywhere. No need to leave the (home) office, invest in expensive accommodation and travel that increases the organisations carbon footprint.

By combining personal development with social learning in teams and groups, our programmes positively impact all central aspects of your organisational reality – from individual mindset and behaviour to your shared culture, systems, and processes.

Three essential principles ensure sustainable organisational change:

  1. Inner work – all participants invest in their personal development.
  2. Everyone in the organisation is engaged – not just the leaders.
  3. Time – to integrate, practice and nurture collective action.

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What is a Conscious Tribe?

A Conscious Tribe is a thriving organisation whose members:

Engage in inner work

… and expand their individual consciousness through inner work based on self-reflection, self-compassion, and ownership,

See the big picture

… and train their systemic awareness by understanding success and well-being as interdependent processes relying on the success and well-being of others and, ultimately, the health of the planet,

Nurture deep relationships

… and enhance their well-being, mental health, and creativity by investing in connection and aligned action with others,

Practice conscious rituals

… and create momentum by incentivising positive behaviours, deepening awareness, and prohibiting complacency.

How conscious is your tribe?

Take a quick pulse check of your current culture.

Does this sound like you?

  • We easily attract and retain talent.
  • Overall engagement is high.
  • People of diverse background are excited to work for us.
  • Our partners/suppliers love to do business with us.
  • Our clients are eager to buy from us.

If this is (mostly) you, you are already well on the way! Let’s connect to see how we can support you to move from good to great and become a truly Conscious Tribe.

Or does this sound like you?

  • People talk more about each other than with each other, conflicts linger.
  • People are overwhelmed and disengaged, sick days and high turn-over are common.
  • There is silo thinking, toxic competition, and low innovation.
  • There is a lack of diversity and a rather homogeneous culture.
  • There are a lot of buzzwords such as agile transformation, teal organisation, or self-organisation but few people fully understand what they mean or how to get there.

If this is (mostly) you, don’t despair! Let’s connect and we will support you step by step to become a Conscious Tribe.

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How do the ConsciousU programmes work?

There is no need to take anyone out of their workflow, no need to create more CO2 because of travel or to invest in expensive retreat centres.

Our online platform gives everyone access from anywhere and playfully combines individual consciousness development with social learning in teams. Our blended learning approach enables simultaneous coaching even of very large groups. Ideally, everyone in your organisation is invited to participate. The more people join, the more sustainable the momentum.

Our programmes deliver content (audios, videos, self-reflection exercises) in easily digestible micro-learning units. Twenty minutes per workday is all it takes.