ConsciousU Friends

Our Conscious Tribes Community also thrives because of our wonderful friends and partners who share our values and who work towards similar goals. 


Greaterthan is a collective of experienced facilitators, consultants, coaches, network weavers, product builders, experimenters..

Under the umbrella of Greaterthan, they have joined forces to usher in a new era of organising. Born out of a shared passion for collaborative governance, budgeting and the tool Cobudget, Greaterthan are rooted in an ecosystem of practice-based communities that have been exploring decentralised organising and commoning for over a decade. Today, they not only support others on their journey, but develop open source tools & products, conduct research and run experiments. We continue to grow with our people.

Check out their fantastic Greaterthan Academy, offering facilitated online learning for people, teams and organisations ready to lead towards the future of work.

We are particularly excited about their Money Game process, which is a must for anyone wanting to deepen their moneywork practice!


Mental health matters. Our friends from the Masawa investment fund invest in European startups catalysing mental health and wellness. Their Nurture Capital approach minimises risk, enhances founder wellbeing, repurposes capital, and optimises financial and social returns. The ConsciousU programmes are part of their portfolio of increasing the wellbeing of founders and their teams.